Coffee, a great source of clean energy

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Coffee, a great source of clean energy

For a few years now, our company has used coffee funds to create clean energy. This process began in 2016 thanks to the cooperation of the company Organic S.R.L. This action has allowed that, in 2018, IVS Group has collected approximately 82 tons of coffee funds to transform them into an energy source and assuming an 11% increase in the amount compared to previous years.

As you can see, the shelf life of coffee is very helpful. The coffee bean, after its use to be consumed, continues to be useful. Clean energy can be produced, thus reducing the CO2 produced and the use of other types of fuel and energy to feed the biogas plants. Even after this process is finished, it is still used as a fertilizer to produce new crops.


Energy benefits

These coffee funds are used as energy supply in several biogas plants of different dimensions, from facilities with capacities around 100kW to 1000kW.

Last year, IVS Group managed to produce about 50,480 kWh of electricity from renewable sources with a great saving of energy, fuel and a notable reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. This energy produced is equivalent to the average consumption of 19 families, counting that these were made up of 4 people

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