#YourBestPlanet: Five key actions

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#YourBestPlanet: Five key actions

Today is June 5th. Today is world environment day; A day that arose from the need to make society aware of the importance of protecting, caring for and improving the environment.


In IVS Iberica has always guided us ethical and social responsibility and we have struggled for sustainability from our origins, for sustainability is one of our essential pillars. We are aware that the protection of the environment is a fundamental issue that affects the well-being of all. On the occasion of this important day, we review five actions that we carry out that support this cause:


1. Vending Made Responsible

A conscious feeding project that uses technology that respects the environment and the wellbeing of people to provide a quality and healthy service. In addition, we only work with suppliers who have obtained environmental certification ISO 14000.


2. Reusable Bags

Created from the recycling of plastic bottles and designed to replace conventional bags. Currently, using more than one million plastic bottles, we have managed to produce 100,000 reusable bags.


3. Energy saving

We encourage the use of photovoltaic panels that produce renewable energy and automatic distributors with low consumption LED lights that by means of a timer they allow a saving of energy and reduction of unnecessary consumption.


4. Fleet of CNG and electric vehicles

A transport alternative that reduces the environmental impact and encourages the use of more sustainable and environmentally friendly measures. CO2 emissions are limited through compressed natural gas and electric vehicles.


5. Bio Break

Label indicating that the products we provide are ecological and fair trade, in full respect of local producers, as well as the use of glasses, manufactured from Virgin Cellulose homologated and acquired from the best European suppliers and the recycled wooden spoons.

It’s time. Protecting our environment.

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