Happy day to all women

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Happy day to all women

In IVS Group we are celebrating, and it is that we have #yourbestwomen. To celebrate International Women’s day, we have taken to the streets of Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland.

One day…
We add, on March 8, to the commemoration by the United Nations General Assembly, to not forget the struggle of women for equality with men and their participation in society.

… and every day
We share this image of the women in our team to make visible today, their essential work. These women are working this day and the next day and everyday to make your best break possible.

Thanks a lot…
…Maria, Alicia, Raquel, Roser, Mar, Yolanda, Dolors, Elena, Mª José, Ana, Montse, Lori, Ana Belén, Eva, Neus, Merche, Rosa, Maribel Laura , Marcella, Monica, Manuela, Marta, Donata, Diana, Cristina, Adriana, Anita, Rossanna, Antonella, Arianna, Carmen, Elena, Katerina, Irene, Rosella, Sonia, Piera and all women.

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