Reasons to install Your Best Break in your business

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Reasons to install Your Best Break in your business

It’s nothing new. Breaks are essential to the health and good performance of people. Having small spaces dedicated to breaks is not a whim, but a necessity, both for the company and its employees.


Take it easy!

Work wears down the mind and the mind needs energy. Imagine being able to recharge that energy by having a coffee, a soft drink or a snack. Imagine enjoying these little pleasures of life without having to move from your office. You don’t have to imagine it, because it already exists. It’s called Your Best Break.


Reasons to hire Your Best Break

If you don’t already have one of our machines in your company today, we’re going to give you five reasons:

1. For all and at all hours: 24-hour availability with a wide variety of products that fit each of the needs. Our Enjoy Your Natural Break options or products labeled for celiac people, for example, are some of our services.

2. Save money and time: And it also increases productivity! Employees don’t have to leave and can enjoy quality products at a lower price, allowing you to pay in different ways. Simple and clean.

3. Break time: After a long working day, people want to rest and disconnect. When you create these break areas, contact points are formed where teammates can meet, socialize and enjoy a small leisure time outside of work.

4. Covered technical maintenance: we take care of the management and maintenance of the machine. In addition, we have a 24-hour service for incidents.

5. 100% hygienic: our automatic distributors maintain a regulatory temperature to ensure the preservation of products. We are also eco-friendly, because we meet European energy efficiency standards and incorporate energy-efficient lighting systems and high-efficiency energy savings.

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