Our new reusable bags

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Our new reusable bags

The care and protection of the environment have always been one of our biggest priorities, and we know that environmental sustainability is as concerned as it is for us. For this reason, we still find effective alternatives that will allow us to reduce, to the extent practicable, the environmental impact.



Did you know that today nearly 300 million tons of plastic per year are generated in the world and only 9% are recycled? With these numbers it is necessary that we take conscience of this. Our commitment is firm so that the plastic is reuse.

Step by step we have managed to contribute our bit to this global problem by converting the plastic into reusable bags.


New reusable bags

So, are our new reusable bags, which have been created from recycled plastic bottles.Today, using more than one million plastic bottles, we have managed to produce 100,000 use reusable bags.

A small gesture can have a great result, but to continue with this and overcome us, we need your help. So remember: when you buy a product in our machines and contain plastic… throw it to the yellow container!

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