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The driving force of our vending machines

Technology? It is fundamental for the quality of our service, which is why we always like to stay up-to-date. From the connection via satellite between our operators and the centres to the telemetric technology with which many of our vending machines are equipped, we always undertake to guarantee the utmost efficiency in all circumstances.

Payment systems

Our vending machines, in addition to ensuring the freshness and integrity of the products, offer many intuitive, rapid and simple payment systems. The various alternatives, which can be adapted to all requirements, are:

Coffee cApp

Coffee cApp is the first application that allows you to buy the products you want directly from your smartphone, conveniently recharging it with cash or credit card and accessing the dedicated discounts at your point of consumption.

A quick, safe and smart Coffee Break?
With Coffee cApp you can.

Available on

Control room

All our vending machines are monitored through sophisticated control systems, centred on a Control Room dedicated to maintenance and restocking.

Maintenance is kept under control by a device that manages all the assistance activities, allowing us to monitor all the operational aspects and to anticipate the customer’s requests, in order to act quickly where necessary.

Restocking is optimised through a system that enables the scheduling and rapid performance of the interventions: the Control Room monitors check the supply history and the current situation of every vending machine, in addition to the planned reloading periods and the priority of any requests for unscheduled restocking.

When technology and dynamism meet, the best of services for our customers are guaranteed.

Touch technology

We have always sought to give our customers the best possible break experience, that’s why we have designed and developed an innovative selection system of vending machines with multitouch technology: through an intuitive screen that is very simple to use, you can choose the products you want, obtaining the details of the organoleptic characteristics, ingredients and calories for every selection.

An easy and immediate way to obtain the information you seek, for a quick and aware Coffee Break.

During the purchase, it is possible to have fun with dynamic multimedia content such as memory games, messages about snacks or the daily horoscope to read accompanied by our animated mascots, Iron and David.


The strength of a company? Its personality.

That’s why we help you to create the perfect space for your coffee break: not only will our specialists consider the most suitable solution for the location, but our installers will personalise the vending machines based on your taste and your preferences. A tailor-made service that will make your Coffee Break unique, just like your company.

But that’s not all: the products of our vending machines will be completely personalised according to the different needs.

You only have to choose!

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